Internet Everywhere - Managed Service provider


In a few years, connectivity with outer world has become an essential part of the business infrastructure. Nowadays, any shop falling offline will see its sales revenues impacted. Payment terminals, stock synchronization, customer scoring, fidelity card, security camera’s, all these improvements in the way retail is integrated with the main branch are also a source of weakness in case of internet failure. Real redundancy and fail-over are not easy to get from one network operator and it is difficult to combine several solutions. Venn Telecom designed an effortless fail-over solutions that can fit your network without impact on your systems and insures an effective reaction in case of incident. We detect, compensate and help solve any interruption of service that happens with your main provider. If your business cannot afford downtime and your current SLA has 4h recovery wait time, it is worth filling the gap and get a 100% connected solution.

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