It is our mission to bring beautiful network architectures to life in challenging business environments. With a team composed of experts from the telecom, security and process worlds, WE ARE COMMITTED TO CREATE valuable adapted SOLUTIONS.

Under the careful supervision of its Board of Directors, the company maintained steady growth since its foundation in 2014. With a capital increase in 2016, we are geared for the mutual success of our clients and Venn Telecom.

Chairman of the Board

Paul Brees

Member of the Board/CEO

Pierre-Gilles Dehaye

Member of the Board

Patrick Simon

« Venn solved three problems for us.
And we had to explain them only once »



“The advantages of Venn? Flexibility and speed”



“The ideal solution for building companies”



“For emergency solutions, we call Venn”



“Wherever we go, we have strong, fast and steady Wi-Fi”