“The ideal solution for building companies”

The Gillion Group is almost a century old, but the building company isn’t afraid of innovations. It is one of the first users of ‘Internet Construct’, a 4G package deal offered by Venn Telecom. “Their rapidity, excellent support and the quality of the products. Those are the reasons why we chose them and stay with them”, explains Christophe Braun of Gillion’s ICT service.

In 2019, the Gillion Group will celebrate its 100th birthday. 99 years ago, René Gillion started a construction company specialized in reinforced concrete. Thanks to a number of prestigious realizations (for instance the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Plaza Hotel in Brussels) the company very soon became a top player in the construction industry. The founder’s children and grandchildren (until 2008 the company was named ‘Entreprises Générales Fernand Gillion & Fils’), continued to develop the family business.

“Today, the fourth generation is leading the company. More and more, Gillion stands forward as a specialist in passive energy constructions and public works (for instance: the renovation of the Ministry of the Interior in Brussels), offering a high quality and A to Z service”, says Christophe Braun. The Gillion Group is active in the larger Brussels area and, thanks to its subsidiary SOGIAF, also in Flanders.


Within 48 hours

One and a half years ago, Gillion started a partnership with Venn Telecom, a specialist in 4G solutions. The construction company was one of the first users of ‘Internet Construct’, a package Venn developed especially for the construction industry. “When we are going to start up a new site, we need a fixed line (DSL). It’s very important to have an internet connection. Our people at the site need e-mail, they need to consult the most recent version of the construction plans, etcetera. The installation of this fixed line sometimes takes several weeks. So, we call Venn Telecom.”
The company based in Vilvoorde delivers a 4G solution within 48 hours. Venn also orders the fixed line and sends the quote to the customer. This quote contains the costs to install and activate the DSL on the specific location. Based on that quote, the client decides whether he wants the fixed line and whether he wants to keep the router as a back-up. Or he might keep working with the 4G connectivity. The client pays a fixed monthly price and has 10 GB of data usage.


“Most of the time we take the fix line, but we also keep the routers until the building is finished. So, we have internet from day 1 and later on when there is a problem, we have a steady back-up with the 4G solution. We are always sure that we can keep working. Even when there is no electricity at the construction site, because we can connect the router to the battery of a car or a van. The 4G routers of Venn Telecom are the ideal solution for construction companies.”
And what if there’s a problem with the routers? “We haven’t been confronted with problems very often. But if necessary, we can follow all the routers on our computer screen at the headquarters in Forest. And if we can’t solve it ourselves, we call Venn and we always get to speak to a specialist immediately. He really knows what he is talking about. Within the hour, the problem is solved. It’s as easy as that. It’s this rapidity, the excellent support and the quality of the products that give us such a good feeling. I hope we can keep working with Venn for a very long time.”